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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Euro: Greece cents

Greece 10 cent, 2002
greece 10 cent 2002Rigas Feraios (or Rhegas Pheraeos) or Rigas Velestinlis (or Rhegas Velestinles) (Greek: Ρήγας Βελεστινλής-Φεραίος, , born Antonios Kyriazis also known as Konstantinos or Constantine Rhigas 1757 – June 13, 1798) was a Greek writer and revolutionary, active in the Modern Greek Enlightenment, remembered as a Greek national hero, a victim of the Balkan uprising against the Ottoman Empire and a forerunner of the Greek War of Independence.

20 cent , 2002
greece euro 20 cent 2002The Greek 20 cent coin features count Ioannis Antonios Kapodistrias (Greek: Κόμης Ιωάννης Αντώνιος Καποδίστριας Komis Ioannis Antonios Kapodistrias: February 11, 1776 – October 9, 1831) was a Greek diplomat of the Russian Empire and later the first head of state of independent Greece.

In 1809 Kapodistrias entered the service of Alexander I of Russia. His first important mission, in November 1813, was as unofficial Russian ambassador to Switzerland, with the task of helping disentangle the country from the French dominance imposed by Napoleon. He secured Swiss unity, independence and neutrality.In the course of his assignment as Foreign Minister of Russia, Kapodistrias' ideas came to represent a progressive alternative to Metternich's aims of Austrian domination of European affairs.

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