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Friday, April 20, 2012

About Delhi exhibition 2012

Though I would post about the Delhi exhibition which I recently visited and share my experience. I always suggest people to visit exhibitions so as to gain more knowledge and experience. In our first 3-4 exhibitions we should just look to gain knowledge, and refrain from buying. We should also try to interact with other collectors there and make contacts.

So this one was effectively my first exhibition since no exhibition was held in Delhi for almost 2 years now. And my experience was no less than perception-altering.

The first thing I got to notice is that people are labeling their poor quality worn out and washed coin as UNC. I was literally half-shocked as I thought all senior collectors/dealers must be having a good understanding of condition. As a matter of fact, until a few months back I considered myself a below par collector since I do not have the money and the rates make it difficult to collect. Where as in the past people could easily get condition and in cheap rates too. So I thought that just about every experienced collector would be having better collection than me. But that was until I met other collectors and saw their collection. Even though it was easy to collect in those times, people never put any sort of effort into their collection so their collection is below par in comparison to mine. Not a few people, but a majority of people do not have an understanding of condition and coin also. For such idiots their worn out coin is UNC and my UNC coin is polished or fake.

I also saw that every second person in the exhibition takes you to be a fool, and I got the impression that maybe I have the looks of a novice on me so they tried to make fool of me. I was offered some coins at high price and also saw some fakes for sale. I see that we have to be very careful while buying in exhibition it is very easy to get carried away by any seller and take some bad deal. Some place you see great condition but high price and some place the price is low but condition is not good.

In any exhibition, buying should never be your sole purpose. If its your first-second exhibition then look to study the market as much as you can and refrain from heavy buying. We should also aim to meet other collectors, share ideas, exchange contacts. That is the main benefit we can draw from an exhibition.


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