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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Edward coppers

Edward 1 anna, 1907

 The Edward 1 anna is not easily found and is definitely a rarity in high grades like the one shown. Another specialty of this coin is that it is the only coin released for mass circulation in India which depicts Edward wearing a crown on his head. The shape is scalloped and the reverse design has one anna written in 5 different languages. It is a very small coin and looking at it first time its hard to imagine that such a small item could command such a price.

Edward 1/12 anna, 1907

Edward 1/2 pice, 1910

Edward 1/2 pice is also not easy to get these days. Edward coins are known to have some ghost impression on them quite commonly. On the item shown above we can see the ghost image of Edward as well. On the reverse one can easily notice the outline of Edward's head within the circular boundary.

edward half pice 1910

Edward quarter anna, 1905

edward quarter anna 1905
Note that in the British monetary system, quarter anna was equal to one pice/paisa, so we can also say that 1/2 pice=1/8 anna and 3 pies were equal to 1 pice. So the pie is equal to 1/12 anna. In the case of Edward, these fractions were minted in copper upto 1905, and 1906-1910 they were minted in bronze.

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  1. Hi
    Recently, i have seen a coin Half Rupee 1880 B/I with c incuse.
    But, in all the catalogs , it says only A/I TYPE.
    The condition of the coin is almost proof. pls help me in judging the coin.