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Sunday, June 24, 2012

King George V

King George V

king george v
George, the second son of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark, was born at Marlborough House on 3rd June, 1865. Most of his childhood was spent at Sandringham, Buckingham Palace and Balmoral.

After his education, George entered the navy and by 1889, he became the commander of a torpedo boat. As luck would have it, his older brother Edward died in 1892 and it was decided that he would be marrying Mary Teck of Germany, his brother's fiancee. So because he was now the heir to the throne, he could no longer risk his life as a naval officer and had to leave his naval life. He was granted the title of the Duke of York and became a member of the house of Lords, and he was also given political education.

George, Duke of York, married Princess Mary in 1893. Mary had six children: Edward VIII  (1894-1972), George VI (1895-1952), Mary (1897-1965), Henry, Duke of Gloucester (1900-1974), George, Duke of Kent (1902-1942) and Prince John (1905-1919). Although George V was succeeded was Edward VIII, Edward VIII gave up the throne because of his love life and George VI became the emperor.

After his father Edward VII's death, George came to the throne in 1911. He made Delhi as India's capital, shifting it from Calcutta at his grand coronation at Delhi. The first world war broke out in 1914 and this created some issues for the royal family because of his German background and the family name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. He made several visit to the Western Front to reaffirm his support for the British.  He also took up the family name of Windsor in 1917.

He also harbored controversy when he reused to give political asylum to Tsar Nicholas II and his family, who were later executed by the Bolsheviks.

The king was not keeping well for a long time and he devoted his time to philately in his final years. He died on 20 Jan 1936 due to influenza.

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