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Monday, February 4, 2013

George VI coppers

George VI 1/12 anna, 1939
george vi 1/12 anna 1939
Obverse: George VI, first head
Metal: bronze
Diameter: 17.5mm

George VI 1/12 anna, 1942
george vi 1/12 anna 1942
Obverse: George VI, second head
Metal: bronze
Diameter: 17.5mm

George VI 1/2 pice, 1940
george vi half pice 1940

George VI 1 pice, 1945
1945 1 pice george vi flat crown
variant: flat crown

George VI 1 pice, 1943
george vi 1943 one pice hole high crown
variant: high crown

George VI 1 pice, 1943
george vi one pice 1943 round crown
variant: round crown

The George VI one pice hole coin is a little unique in the British India coinage series. Firstly, of course, there is the hole which makes it stand out among other coins. Secondly, because of the hole there is no space to put the portrait of the king or queen of England. So the crown at the top represents the king and that side becomes the obverse. There are three major crown varieties in this item: the flat crown, round crown and high crown. You may see these three above to distinguish between the three variants.

George VI 1/2 anna, 1941
george vi quarter anna 1941
Metal: bronze
Diameter: 25.4mm
Obverse: George VI, second head

The ruler: King George VI


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