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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Queen Victoria 1862 silvers

Victoria 2 anna, 1862
2 anna victoria 1862
Weight: 1.46gm
Silver: 91.7%
Type: A/I

Victoria quarter rupee, 1862
victoria queen 1/4 rupee 1862
Weight: 2.92gm
Silver : 91.7%
Type: A/I

For details on the Victoria 1/4 rupee variants, click here

Victoria half rupee, 1862
victoria 1862 half rupee
Weight: 5.83gm
Silver: 91.7%
Type: C/II (Wyom's variety)

For details in the varieties in Victoria half rupee, click here

Victoria one rupee, 1862
victoria 1862 1 rupee
Dot variety: 0/4
Reverse type: II

victoria 1862 1 rupee
Weight: 11.66gm
Silver: 91%
obverse: type C(3.5 panels)

For dot variety, look for the number of dots above the 'N' in "ONE RUPEE". You can see zero number of dots there so the 0, and then see the dots below the date which are 4, so the 4. For the obverse and reverse variety see the following:

Note that these are the variants in Victoria one rupee only,  variants in fractions are little different.

Obverse types(One rupee):
See the Victoria bust on obverse. See the number of horizontal panels in the dress on the left end of the bust. The number of  panels gives us the type of the bust design 

Type A (4 panels)

Type B (4.25 panels)

Type C (3.5 panels)

Reverse types:

Type I

Type II

Type III

Type IV


  1. I have victoria 4 coins,year-1862,one Rupees silver,weight between 11 to12 gms,I have more coin of victoria 1862,1874,1875,1882,1884 1890,1893,1901,,Edward king
    And,GEORGE KI 1902 TO 1920,
    If anyone interested what's me 9911177169 on this number.

    1. what is the price of each silver coin of either 1862,or 1874,or 1875

    2. Dear Mr Rajan, can you kindly let me know the price of 1862 Queen Silver coin of one rupee. My No. is 9822631633. Rajesh


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